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Why choose Tracking Zoom for all your tracking needs?
If you’ve been searching high and low for the very best tracking service for all of your shipments, regardless of the method that they are going to use to get from Point A to Point B, you’ll want to look closely at Tracking Zoom to assist you every step of the way.

A full set of comprehensive shipment tracking tools available for almost all delivery services (across a wide range of delivery methods), you’ll have no trouble whatsoever monitoring the shipping of your particular package, parcel, or cargo shipment just by using this online tool.

A service offered 100% free of charge, you’ll also be able to take advantage of some “automated reminders and alerts” that will connect you more closely to every move that your shipment makes.

Here are just a couple of different things that Tracking Zoom can assist you with!

Air Cargo Tracking
The overwhelming majority of people that are looking to track packages, parcels, or consignments across the globe will at some point use an air cargo service.

With literally hundreds and hundreds of different air cargo services out there (ranging from multinational services like Federal Express all the way down to small, local, not exactly household name services), you’re going to need an integrated system that can monitor your packages from one platform to the next – with absolutely no headaches or hassles along the way.

That’s exactly what these air cargo tracking services are going to assist you with. All you’ll have to do is find your specific air cargo or freight carrier service on the list provided by Tracking Zoom, and you’ll be instantly able to find that package or parcel thanks to their real-time updating service.

Track and trace your delivery by choosing your air cargo/freight carrier from the list below.

Airlines – A to B


Shipping Container Tracking
Businesses (and a growing number of consumers) that are looking to take advantage of international manufacturing and commerce services are going to want to be able to monitor shipping container movements from one corner of the globe to the next.

Trying to track shipping container movements all on your own (and even through the number that you have been provided by your shipping service) can become a real nightmare – especially if you’re container moves from one service to another somewhere along the way.

With the Tracking Zoom service, you’ll be able to insert your unique tracking number and have the container tracked from one location to the next all the way up until it has reached its final destination. At that point, you will receive a notification that it’s ready for pickup.

Track and trace your sea freight and check the progress of your shipping containers from any of the world’s main shipping lines.

EMS Tracking
EMS shipping services are becoming more and more popular today thanks to the overwhelming majority of people that are either purchasing goods for themselves from China and the rest of Asia as well as small businesses that want to take advantage of those Asian a low-cost products.

Express Mail Services can be a rather difficult to track and monitor unless you use a third-party service like Tracking Zoom. Without the kind of advanced monitoring tools and technology that Tracking Zoom uses, it’s all too easy to “lose” your package somewhere along the way and not know where it is, when it is expected to arrive, or if you need to contact the original shipper to have a new one send out to you.

Freight & Logistics Tracking
Finally, logistics are a key piece of the puzzle for all modern businesses. You need to know that you can count on specific pieces of freight or cargo moving or arising at different places at different times, and will need a robust service that allows you to monitor each and every movement.

Well, with Tracking Zoom, that’s exactly what you are going to be able to do!

For cargo tracking or freight tracking, please choose your carrier or service provider from the list below.